Benefits of Volunteering

By Tango

Providing you with a sense of purpose

Volunteering can help in finding your purpose because you become part of something great. The cause is something greater than yourself. Helping others can help you find new meaning in life and remain mentally stimulated, especially if you are retired, lost a loved one, or are unexpectedly unemployed.

Providing you with a sense of community

When you volunteer, you will feel a connection with the people you are helping. You will find yourself being involved with other aspects of the community, such as advocating for a community program that can help them or even local politics.

Helping you meet new friends

You are going to meet new friends as you volunteer. It is also a great way of strengthening existing connections with family, friends, and co-workers. Working as a volunteer means having to interact with different people from diverse backgrounds, which gives you the chance of learning other perspectives.

When you choose a cause or organization to volunteer for, think about the people you are going to volunteer alongside. When you share a common interest with them, it helps a lot because it builds closer relationships with those you are around.

Increasing your social skills

Volunteering is going to help with your social skills because you have the chance of talking to new people. When you spend time working with other volunteers and using your social skills like relationship management and active listening, then you are going to develop skills that are going to help you in your future business and personal relationships.

Improving your self-esteem

You can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence by volunteering. When doing something you think is valuable and worthwhile to the community, you get a sense of accomplishment. This can help you feel more fulfilled about the other aspects of your life.

Teaching you valuable skills

The hands-on experience and training you are going to get as you volunteer can help you build up on skills you already have and learn new ones. If you are advocating or raising awareness or funding for a cause, you are going to gain skills like public speaking, communication, marketing, and other soft and hard skills. These skills can be added to your resume and it lets employers know that you can build relationships outside work. Such things can make you stand out from other candidates.

Providing job prospects

When working as a volunteer, you can meet people volunteering who can become part of your professional network or even mentors. If you are pursuing a career in the field that you volunteer in, the connections you make in the process are going to help you with job prospects.

Bringing fun to your life

There are those who usually use volunteering as a way of pursuing their hobbies while making a difference. People interested in the outdoors can help out at a children’s summer camp or volunteer at the local community garden. Volunteering for causes or organizations can provide someone with a renewed sense of motivation and creativity that is going to spill over to their professional and personal life.

Helping you become happier

You are going to feel great when you contribute to organizations and projects that mean something. The feelings are good for you because they can help lessen the effects of anxiety, anger, or stress in your life. You can get the tools you need to be happy through volunteering. Building connections and bonds with people you are volunteering with is going to help deal with social isolation. There are some opportunities that involve some level of physical labour and it will help in reducing stress and keeping you active.

Getting out of your comfort zone

Volunteering can help you deal with the personal challenges of leaving your comfort zone. You are forced to work with people you may not know.