Discover Egypt’s Historical Landmarks

By Tango

Egypt is well-known for its ancient past, and many tourists travel there to realize their childhood dreams of becoming archaeologists.

Egypt is a country that’s rich in culture and history. It hosts popular landmarks such as the Valley of the Kings, the incredible Pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx. Anyone interested in history or prehistoric studies should visit these ancient structures; they are among the best-protected examples of ancient Egyptian design and craftsmanship. Apart from these popular landmarks, numerous other ancient museums, tombs, and temples provide a wealth of information about the fascinating history of the country.

The fact that the Grand Egyptian Museum will finally open makes 2023 even more special. With 100,000+ artefacts and spectacular exhibits, e.g., King Tut’s stunning treasure collection, this museum will undoubtedly be ranked among the best in the world once it opens.

Get the most for your travel budget when you travel.

Egypt is a relatively budget-friendly destination that provides good value for your travel budget regarding food, accommodation, and adventures. As such, this is unquestionably one of the primary reasons to travel there in 2023. Egypt is a budget-friendly option for tourists because it offers competitive prices on numerous travel services compared to other popular tourist destinations.

Besides the lower costs, the country also prides itself on an advanced travel industry, with many options and services to suit every budget and desire. Travellers can have the best travel experience in this country without spending a fortune. Besides, Egypt’s favourable exchange rate implies that travellers can enjoy even more value for their travel budget, making it an appealing destination for frugal tourists.

Many locals are experiencing difficulties due to the recent fluctuations in exchange rates; therefore, remember to be aware of this and tip generously if possible! Here’s a tipping manual to assist you in exploring your travels through Egypt!

Try some of Egypt’s delectable dishes and drinks.

Egypt’s culinary heritage is extensive and varied. There is truly something for every palate, such as sweet pastries, energizing juices, spicy stews, and grilled meats. Egypt is home to numerous highly-rated restaurants and cafes. These venues serve a variety of international cuisines – in addition to the country’s traditional cuisine. Egypt is the ideal choice if you’ve been looking for a vegetarian and vegan-friendly destination! The best time for the Nile Cruise holidays is November-February. At this time of year, temperatures average 20 degrees centigrade during the day, making it the perfect climate for exploring.

What other place can you have brunch while enjoying such a spectacular view?

Get a taste of the dynamic arts and music scene.

Egypt’s arts and music scene is lively and diverse, with numerous customary and contemporary exhibitions to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy many traditional dance and music performances, art exhibitions, and contemporary music festivals. Although Egypt is well known for these cultural events, it has much more to offer. The country is also home to numerous galleries, museums, and contemporary projects by local and international artists showcasing Egypt’s rich artistic heritage.

Must visits for creatives: The Museum of Islamic Art, Khan el Khalili market.

Enjoy the sunny, warm climate.

Egypt is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers primarily because of its sunny, warm climate. The country is home to the Red Sea and Mediterranean coasts. As such, it offers attractive beaches and clear waters for many water sports, including swimming and snorkelling. The country’s warm climate makes it ideal for beaches and outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and desert safaris.

Use Egypt as a starting point for regional exploration.

Egypt lies at the intersection of Africa and the Middle East, making it a great starting point for exploring the region.