What Makes a Good Supply Teaching Agency?

By Tango

As a teacher, you may have found yourself looking for flexible work opportunities outside of traditional classroom teaching. That’s where supply teaching comes in – it allows you to work on a short-term basis, often in different schools. However, finding work as a supply teacher can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s important to register with a reputable supply teaching agency. 

When considering which agency to join, it’s important to ensure they provide quality customer service and have a strong reputation in the teaching community. It’s also helpful to consider the types of jobs that they can offer you. Does the supply teaching agency receive consistent requests for short-term placements or longer-term contracts? Do they offer flexible part-time positions or only full-time employment?

In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes a good supply teaching agency and how you can identify one that best suits your needs.

A Strong Relationship with Schools

A good supply teaching agency should have a strong relationship with schools in the area, as this means more opportunities for you. They work closely with school staff to understand their needs and can quickly match the right teacher to the right position. Additionally, a good agency will also have a wide network of schools, varying from primary schools to secondary schools.

Their Knowledge of the Curriculum

A reliable supply teaching agency should have a thorough understanding of the curriculum and be able to provide teachers with detailed information about current initiatives, lesson plans, and regulations. This means that teachers can hit the ground running and feel confident in their subject knowledge. What’s more, an agency should also be able to provide ongoing guidance and support for teachers throughout their time in the classroom.

Competitive Pay Rates

It’s essential to choose a supply teaching agency with competitive pay rates. You don’t want to be underpaid for your work as a teacher, and a reputable agency will ensure that you receive fair compensation. A good agency will also offer different pay packages, rewards, and bonuses based on teaching experience, making it an excellent fit for experienced and new supply teachers alike.

Flexible Working Hours

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a supply teaching agency is the flexibility of working hours. A good agency will always provide varied work schedules that fit your needs. They should be able to work with your availability, whether you are looking for full-time or part-time positions. The agency should always be reliable and responsive, providing clear communication and prompt updates about available positions.

Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to finding work, good teaching supply agencies should also offer professional development opportunities to help further your career. These opportunities might include workshops, training, and mentoring services that can help you enhance your teaching skills. A good agency invests in the professional development of its teachers and helps them grow in their careers.

Supportive Team

Most importantly, a good supply teaching agency should provide a supportive team that’s always there to help you. They should be friendly, approachable, and accommodating to your needs. The agency staff should have a deep understanding of the education sector, be excellent communicators, and always be willing to go the extra mile to provide the best service.


As we’ve seen, choosing a good supply teaching agency can be a daunting task, but by understanding what makes a good agency, you can make an informed decision. Consider factors such as a strong relationship with schools, competitive pay rates, flexible working hours, professional development opportunities, and a supportive team when choosing an agency. The right agency will provide you with the foundation you need to succeed in your supply teaching career. So, register with an agency that provides you with the best opportunities and supports you through the ups and downs of your teaching career.