Your Big Spring Clean Checklist

By Tango

Spring is getting closer. In the spring, the sun shines and flowers open. So, you can invite your friends to a party. You can host a party in your home during the spring season. Spring is also the best time to clean your house.

However, you do not have to wait until spring to do spring cleaning. Now is the time to clean your house, clean your belongings, declutter your home and prepare your home for the warm weather.

It is, however, easy to forget something when cleaning your house. Do not worry. You can follow our spring clean checklist. In fact, we will go room by room in this post. If you need a space in London to store all your extra belongings, check out storage unit London.

Living Room

You and your family spend more time in your living room. And you probably entertain your guests in your living room. So, it is the most important room to deep clean.

There are so many mental benefits of a clean and organized living room. So, you do not have to just clean your living room to make a good impression.

Here are some of the things you need to remember:

  • Deep clean your hardwood floors
  • Clean your windows and polish the glass
  • Move your large furniture to deep clean behind it
  • Dust around, on, and behind your TV units, sideboards, and tables
  • Deep clean your carpets and sofa


It is almost impossible to keep a kitchen clean and tidy for long. So, you do not have to focus on keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. It is easy to forget some things in your kitchen. So, clean these things instead.

For example, you can de-grease your oven, clean and sanitise inside your fridge and clean your dishwasher with vinegar. Plus, you may keep things that you no longer need in your kitchen. Get rid of them, including expired spices and cans.

Once you deep clean your kitchen, use a de-greaser or an anti-bac to wipe down the surfaces.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • Wipe down the surface of your cupboards
  • Clean your crockery and silverware
  • Defrost and clean the freezer
  • Empty your fridge and wipe down its surfaces
  • De-grease your oven


You spend most of your night sleeping inside your bedroom. So, do not neglect your bedroom. Keeping your bedroom clean and tidy can make it easy to fall asleep. If your bedroom is dirty and messy, you would not forward to going in there.

If you spend the whole day working, you will want to sleep in a clean and tidy bedroom. You will wake up feeling refreshed.

Want to keep your bedroom clean? Here is how to clean your bedroom:

  • Wash and replace your bedsheets regularly
  • Clean your curtains or dust your blinds
  • Use a dry cleaner or washing machine to wash your duvet and pills
  • Vacuum mattress to remove dead skins


A lot of people are afraid of cleaning their bathrooms. It is time-consuming to clean it. However, it is very important to keep both your kitchen and bathrooms clean at all times. You, therefore, have to clean your bathroom regularly.

Deep cleaning your bathroom regularly can eliminate bacteria. How do you keep your bathroom clean? Declutter your bathroom.

Do not leave half-empty bottles and a pile of rubbish inside your bathroom. In fact, decluttering your bathroom can make it easy to keep it clean at all times.

You need to:

  • Steam clean your bathroom floor
  • Clean the mirrors inside your bathroom
  • Scrub the tile grouting
  • Steam clean your bath
  • Replace or clean your shower curtain
  • Unblock slow-draining plugs
  • Use bleach to scrub the sink and toilet